We are proud to present our family of Haapie robots, a series of versatile, interactive social and cognitive robots.  
You'll just love to adopt Haapie-One in your home as your household companion who is entertaining  and can help you in everyday life. You can interact together naturally and simply by using speech.
At the back end Haapie-One has integrated speech recognition, speech synthesis, cognitive systems and dialogue management components which it uses to listen and learn, understand your preferences and react according to your habits.
Haapie robots are fully customisable both in terms of design and features. Depending on your tastes, with a large range of colour schemes to choose from, your Haapie-One can be modern and discreet, or fun and colourful. You can also tweak your robot using our Studio, to add new features. 
 In a more discreet design, Haapie-One is a cognitive robot for businesses and professionals. Thanks to its capacity to ingest and analyse huge amounts of data, Haapie-One can assist in searching for information and decision-making. In fact Haapie-One is a member of the decision making team at Haapie.