Haapie is one of the few companies that completely masters and can seamlessly integrate all the technologies required to produce smart and creative, interactive solutions. This is because the entire stack of components commercialized by the company is designed and developed in-house.  
At Haapie, we believe that existing cognitive systems and speech recognition technologies, which are based on paradigms developed more than two decades ago, are not suited to the next generation of intelligent self-learning characters. Our patented technology is based on a disruptive new approach, which addresses requirements for robotics and intelligent human-machine interaction, not only as we perceive them today, but also looking ahead to future innovations. 
Our technological components can be integrated individually or combined, depending on your requirements, to create unique and innovative solutions for robots or connected and high-tech applications.

Speech recognition & Audio Processing

High quality speech recognition for flawless interactions


Interpreting content and context for pertinent dialogues  


Optimizing question answering and decision making 

Text analysis

Automated analysis of structured & unstructured data