The vibrant heart of Haapie's cognitive reasoning system is the HoTT Brain™. This is a powerful component which is capable of reasoning, self-learning and decision-making.
The icing on the cake is that Haapie's HoTT™ Brain™ can also reason about itself and even program itself!
HoTT Brain™ makes decisions by applying techniques which are normally used in formal theorem provers and automatic inferencing systems. It doesn't use a statistical approach.
Admittedly, today HoTT Brain™ has its own specific character. Sometimes it is truly astonishing and can impress you with its power, lucidity and cognitive capacity, however at other times, you may be confused by certain answers which seem a little difficult to interpret.
We at Haapie believe that technically oriented users will be as enthusiastic as we are to put this component to use, nevertheless, we are continuing our work to make HoTT Brain™ less unpredictable and therefore accessible to a larger public.