Creative Robotics
with cognitive and social features
Cognitive Systems
for self learning applications
Smart Dialogue Solutions
for optimised human-machine interaction
Speech recognition
with audio preprocessing
Haapie designs and develops cognitive and social robots, as well as virtual characters, which integrate its advanced software components including cognitive systems, natural language speech recognition and dialogue management solutions.
Haapie-One and its friends are versatile social robots which are fully customisable, both in terms of colour design and features which can be tailored to specific requirements with the Haapie Studio. 
Our software is designed to facilitate human-machine communication with next-generation smart dialogue solutions; these ensure that interaction is fluid and efficient using a natural language speech interface.  Our cognitive and dialogue management technology opens the way to a new generation of creative and self- learning robots and applications. 


Solutions for cognitive and social robots


Components for smart interactive applications

Haapie is partnering with Passworld 

With PassWorld's expertise, we are optimizing the electronic components which are at the heart of Haapie-One.  
Passworld, is a company based in Kyoto, Japan which provides development services. Its solutions include embedded software and hardware, radio transmission (BlueTooth, Zigbee...) data exchange over the net and interactions with mobile devices (Android and iOS).
Passworld is the specialist in motion control and its solutions are also used in educational and social robots.